Vanessa o.

Tour Guides and Grit Guide at University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Class of 2027

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Major: Public Health

Secondary Major: Pre-Dental Hygiene Track

What makes UMBC home?

I love how UMBC is a smaller campus so you see a lot of familiar faces and everything you might need such as food or healthcare, are close by one another.

I chose UMBC because...

They have great programs and great academic pathways. UMBC is the only school that offered me the right program I was looking into applying to while giving me the option of graduating in less than 4 years.

Fun Fact

Humans can't walk in a straight line with their eyes closed.

My most memorable UMBC experience was...

I came to freshman orientation and got a tour from one of our grit guides. All my worries about leaving high school and taking a bigger step into my education were all gone because they assured me, and made me feel like I would fit right into the UMBC community. One thing they told me that I will always remember is, "UMBC is a place where people hold doors for you." which means everyone at UMBC is open to welcome you, build a friendship with you, and hold the door for you!

I'm passionate about...

Bible Study Worship Leader playing the guitar Pleasure Reading Cooking Fellowship

I'm involved with...

100% Triumph Campus Ministry
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