Kat G.

Tour Guides and Grit Guide at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Class of 2027

Hometown: Westminster, MD

Major: Media and Communications

Secondary Major: Sociology

Minor: Intercultural Communications

Favorite Class or Professor and Why

Humanities Seminar with Dr. Timothy Phin. It was a great introduction to the Humanities Scholars program and I made friends with most of the students in my class!

My advice to prospective students...

Apply to a living learning community! It will help you make friends with the people that live on your floor.

How has UMBC helped you grow?

At UMBC, I have taken on new academic interests that I never would have considered before, such as intercultural communication and sociology.

What makes UMBC home?

My friends in the Humanities Scholar's program and in the Humanities Living Learning Community!

I'm passionate about...

Singing Songwriting Reading Skateboarding

I'm involved with...

Cosplay Club
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