Connor M.

Tour Guides and Grit Guide at University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Class of 2025

Hometown: Annapolis, MD

Major: Geography & Environmental Science

Minor: Astronomy

What makes UMBC home?

I feel extremely comfortable in my apartment and the friends I have on campus allow me to relax.

How has UMBC helped you grow?

I've definitely become more sociable, rather than staying in my apartment when I'm not in class I utilize the areas we have on campus to study and relax.

My UMBC hack is...

Buy a pint of ice cream and a root beer from the retriever market for a meal swipe and make a root beer float.

Favorite Class or Professor and Why

English 100 with professor Moritz is super fun, you get to be creative!

I'm passionate about...

Planetary Science Gaming Folk Music Music Skateboarding Films Comics Invincible Space

I'm involved with...

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