Kirstin F.

Visual and Performing Arts Grit Guide and Tour Guides and Grit Guide at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Class of 2025

Hometown: Maryland

Major: Art History and Museum Studies

Concentration: Visual Arts

Secondary Major: Animation

Minor: Entrepreneurship

Favorite Class or Professor and Why

One of my favorite classes has been ART 425: Writing for Artists, Curators, and Critics with Professor Mark Durant. It was a fantastic class because I was able to learn new writing techniques, and have deeper discussions on how to make my writing more impactful. Professor Durant had a wealth of knowledge to share which was extremely helpful in my literary growth.

Favorite Local Shop or Restaurant

My favorite local shop is Taste Tea in Arbutus, because its the perfect spot to grab a simple "After-Classes treat", "Mid-Week Treat" or "Pick-Me-Up Treat"!

I chose UMBC because...

I chose UMBC because it was one of few universities within the DMV area which offered Animation as a major. I also chose UMBC because I felt it had a community and atmosphere which would allow me to grow and make a name for myself.

My advice to prospective students...

My advice to prospective students is to take an active role in finding your community on campus! There are many clubs and activities/opportunities here, but you have to be willing to reach out and attend/join them.

I'm passionate about...

Drawing & Painting Watching Movies Reading Books/Manga/Webtoons

I'm involved with...

Association of Black Artists
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