Garrett P.

Grit Guide at University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Class of 2022

Hometown: Myersville, MD

Major: Political Science

Secondary Major: History

Favorite Class or Professor and Why

Poli 301: Research Methods because it really let me explore a topic that I found interesting. I examined the relationship between wealth and support for government-funded healthcare among minority groups in America. Each student had their own unique project and it was interesting watching everyone's growth!

Fun Fact

I can name all the countries of the world alphabetically.

My UMBC hack is...

if you're ever running late, just walk across the open grass. It makes it so much faster.

My most memorable UMBC experience was...

my last day of the spring semester of my freshman year. It was a wonderful warm day and I remember having such a great time in my classes as I applied what I had learned in some very difficult Chinese tests. I spent a lot of time with all the friends I had made and knew I would miss it all dearly as I rode away to start my summer.

I'm passionate about...

Guitar Biking Research Political Activism

I'm involved with...

Tennis Environmental Task Force
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