David F.

Grit Guide at University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Class of 2023

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Major: Geography

Concentration: Public Health

Secondary Major: Health Administration and Public Policy

Favorite Class or Professor and Why

Africana Studies. I enjoyed this class because I got to understand who I was as a black man and how my ancestors fought for rights and to understand that they were kings and queens as well.

Favorite Local Shop or Restaurant

Uncle Julio's is amazing. It is at the Columbia Mall.

I chose UMBC because...

of the diversity that was present and the size of the campus. In state tuition is a bonus.

What makes UMBC home?

UMBC is home once you find your groove. It doesn't take long if you are diligent with making it happen. Friends make the whole experience worth it. The dining hall and going to campus events really allowed me to see myself in a different light and let loose a little.

I'm passionate about...

Food Security Nutrition Sustainable Agriculture Food Systems

I'm involved with...

Writing & Reading Learning how to play the piano Portuguese
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