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Class of 2026

Hometown: Laurel, MD

Major: Fine arts

Concentration: Animation

Minor: Photography

Favorite Spot on Campus

Definitely would have to be the dock, next to the event center. It’s just the ideal spot to just sit and listen. Especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

My advice to prospective students...

Be open to leaning as much as you can, both within your area of study and out. You’ll never know what you like if you don’t try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Even just a little.

What makes UMBC home?

Really it’s the community of people that are there purely to support you and not only your future but your health both mentally and physically. Throughout my time on this campus, There has never been a point in time when I’ve felt that I had no one to go to when I’m struggling. There’s always someone willing to listen.

Fun Fact

I have extremely bad eyesight, even with my glasses on. So if you ever see me around campus and I don’t say hi, it’s purely because I literally cannot see you.

I'm passionate about...

illustration Animation photo

I'm involved with...

anti imperialist action crew Association of Black Artists
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