Fabiola L.

Tour Guides and Grit Guide at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Class of 2026

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador

Major: Social Work

Minor: Spanish

How has UMBC helped you grow?

UMBC has helped me grow by making me feel more confident about myself and with my work. When I need I ask for help I go to the tutoring center.

Favorite Spot on Campus

My favorite spot-on campus is the fifth floor and the ILSB building since you are able to study while getting a good view of the campus.

What makes UMBC home?

What makes UMBC home is that it gives off a home friendly environment you don't feel overwhelmed. Every staff member is very nice, and they are all willing to help you. All the event that happens here like homecoming are the best since there's a carnival, dog parade, and a petting zoo with farm animals.

My advice to prospective students...

My advice for prospective student is to research all the schools and visit the campus to see which school feels like you belong.

I'm passionate about...

swimming. Listening Music Helping Others taking care of animals

I'm involved with...

Student Red Cross Club anime club Astronomy
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