Emengini (Eme) C.

Grit Guide and Visual and Performing Arts Grit Guide at University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Class of 2020

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Major: Pre-nursing

Concentration: N/A

Secondary Major: Dance

Minor: N/A

During my first semester, I wish I would have known...

It's ok not to be perfect, no one expects perfection nor should you expect that from yourself. All you can do is work hard and do your personal best.

My advice to prospective students...

Grades are extremely important but so is mental health, don't push yourself beyond your limits. Remember, these are supposed to be the best four years of your life, have fun!

My most memorable UMBC experience was...

Traveling to a dance conference (ACDA) with some other dance majors, I got to perform and watch some amazing performances. It was a great experience!

What makes UMBC home?

The people you surround yourself with. There are some amazing people on this campus who will aid in your growth. Once you find your people...you're golden!

I'm passionate about...

Food! POC Activism Humanitarian Aid Dance

I'm involved with...

African Student Association Dance
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