Andrea S.

Alumnus at University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Class of 2024

Current: Perry Hall, MD

Hometown: Perry Hall, MD

Major: Biological Sciences

Concentration: Pre-Pharmacy

My UMBC hack is...

I always use the elevators in the University Center (UC) and the Engineering Building to get up to the Performing Arts and Humanities Building (PAHB) to avoid all the stairs.

Fun Fact

I was born in India and used to have a pet Hedgehog.

I chose UMBC because...

I could stay close to home/my little sister and I appreciate the quiet campus lifestyle.

Favorite Class or Professor and Why

I love Anatomy and Physiology because even though it is listed as a Biology class, it is much more interesting than the others. It is also much easier to see the applications of the course, since it is primarily body systems that power us on a daily basis, so I found the concepts much easier to grasp.

I'm passionate about...

Singing Travelling Reading

I'm involved with...

Pre-Pharmacy Club Undergraduate Research
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